Basketball Diaries: Unity

This would be my fourth day attending the U18 National Team practice. It would also happen to be that this would be the fourth consecutive day that a player suffered an injury causing them to sit out a practice.

Maybe I was some kind of bad luck to this team.

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Basketball Diaries: Sacrifices

Cars were blasting their sound systems as they slowly drove by. Kids and teenagers were slowly moving in masses, most of them completely soaked in water. Foreigners were everywhere looking to get in on the splashy wet festival that is the Songkran Holiday or the Thai New Year’s.

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U18 Thailand National Team heading into SEABA Tournament

Here’s the final roster for the Men’s Thailand National Team that will be participating in the SEABA Championship U-18, held at Medan, Indonesia during 23-28 April 2016. Continue reading U18 Thailand National Team heading into SEABA Tournament