Sajjatam Kulsomboon is a basketball junkie born in Thailand.

His love for the game of basketball started because he sucked at football and the school gymnasium wasn’t contaminated by sunlight.

The Childhood dream of playing in NBA changed drastically the moment he noticed that as an Asian with average athleticism and average body size with minimal exposure, he would not get near the chance of being in the NBA.

However, his love for the game never went away. He played hard, practiced hard, and came thisclose to achieving some basketball accolades during his lucrative high school and college basketball career.

The serious playing days came and went and while you can still get a glimpse of Sajjatam Kulsomboon in his natural habitat of the basketball court every now and then, he likes to use his free time to follow the NBA and College Basketball. Currently, he is starting to follow the Thailand Basketball League and the ASEAN Basketball League more closely.

He wishes to see the Basketball develop further on in the ASEAN countries especially Thailand, therefore he started to focus his blog on Thailand and ASEAN Basketball.

Please enjoy and if you don’t, Sajjatam Kulsomboon wishes you a happy day and hopes you dream of a clown.


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