Basketball Diaries: Introduction

It took me quite a while and some reader feedback to realize that most of you might have some trouble picturing who is who, which makes it harder to get a feel of what is going on in each part.

สำหรับภาษาไทย อ่านได้ที่นี่

Expert Basketball photographer, “Kuk” Onvisa Thewphaingarm, had the opportunity to attend one of the practices, so we got an HD picture of (almost) all of the players. Let me introduce each and everyone on the team.



Head Coach: “So” Sopon Pinijpatcharalert


Assistant Coach: “Thong” Thongchai Mookphan


Team Captain: “Tam” Suvichai Suvarn
Position: Guard/Forward


“Tae” Attapong Leelapipatkul
Position: Guard


“Rang” Paopatchra Samakphong
Position: Guard


“Tarn” Phongsathorn Tubtim
Position: Forward


“Pot” Banpot Tanrattanapitak
Position: Center


“Pete” Sirawich Pamanee
Position: Power Forward


“Konk” Kongphop Reungsutham
Position: Center

(Konk was suffering from food poisoning the day that Kuk was taking pictures…so all he gets for now is the picture from my phone)


“Bas” Atikom Supkhong
Position: Forward/Guard

(Bas was nursing his ankle injury the day that Kuk was taking pictures…so all he gets for now is that picture of him doing push ups.)


“Tor” Tanakrit Limjattakorn
Position: Small Forward/Power Forward


“Boat” Nattaworn Banchathorn
Position: Forward/Guard

(Boat nursed a bruised thigh the day Kuk was taking pictures…but he had some pretty dope photos from FIBA, so he’s covered)


“Dar” Jdar Sonsem
Position: Power Forward/Center


“Boom” Pongsakorn Jiamsawasd
Position: Forward/Guard

These are your Thailand representatives for the U18 SEABA Championship 2016!
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If you want to know anything more about any one or the entire team, feel free to comment and we’ll try to come back with an answer.

“Basketball Diaries” is a series of write-ups about the U-18 Thailand National Basketball Team where I follow the team through its journey towards the U-18 SEABA Championship 2016.

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