ABL Xmas Special: Nicknames!

Without any ABL games until next year, I’ve decided that we spend our Christmas Holidays going through some of the nicknames of our ASEAN Basketball League players! Some are their original nicknames, some are nicknames that have been going around, and some are just given plainly for the sake of humour.

Let’s go!!

สำหรับภาษาไทย อ่านได้ที่นี่เลยครับ

  • Kris “Kross” Rosales
  • Justin “Haha” Howard
    • This one needs a slight explanation. Apart from the fact that Howard is a hilarious person. “Ha Ha” is also how you pronounce the number 55 in Thai, which is also Justin Howard’s number. Credit to Sir Carlo Pamintuan.
  • Jason “Voorhes” Brickman
  • Freddie “Kruger” Goldstein


  • Freddie “ThaIverson” Goldstein
  • AttaPORNPornstar” LertmalaiPORN
  • Matthew “Does Evertything” Wright
  • Matthew “Ben Affleck” Wright


  • Neo “Jackie Chan in Karate Kid” Ban Sieng


  • Wong “Never Too Short” Wei Long
  • Xavier “Professor X” Alexander
  • Stefan “Ca Ri” Nguyen
    • For those who must know, “Ca Ri” means “Curry” in Vietnamese.
  • Moses “Mo Buckets” Morgan
  • Anthony “John” McClain or Anthony “Yippekayay” McClain or Anthony “Diehard” McClain


  • Anthony “Big Mac” McClain
  • Anthony “Biggie” McClain
  • Tyler “Silence of the” Lamb
  • Kannawat “Pillsbury Doughboy” Lertlaokul (Personal Favorite)


  • Piyapong “Sparkplug” Piroon
  • AZ “Bookworm” Reid
    • “Read” from A to Z. Maybe I reached too much with this one.
  • Autman “Yes, I’m Thai” Al-Mabruk
  • Desmond “Uh” Oh
  • Leon “Not related to Tien Yuan” Kwek
  • Tien Yuan “Not related to Leon” Kuek
  • Paul “Gai Jin” Butorac or Paul “Tokyo Drift” Butorac
    • Paul has played in the Japan for 7 years. You do the math.


  • Reggie “Rimwrecker” Johnson
  • Calvin “Oh My” Godfrey
  • Han “Minhsanity” Trieu
  • Chaiwat “Big Baby” Kedum
  • Ivan “The Terrible” Yeo
  • Jason “The Flying” Deutchmann
  • Kannut “Samurai” Samerjai
  • Darongphan “How do you pronounce your last name” Apiromwilaichai
  • Eric “Thank You” Salamat
  • Nagorn “Bobby” Jaisanook
  • Chaiwat “Fat Tim Hardaway” Kedum


  • Val Acuna “Mattata”
  • Calvin “Snoop Dogg” Godfrey


  • David “Dep Trai” Arnold
    • “Dep Trai” means handsome in Vietnamese.
  • ฺBandit “I didn’t steal anything” Lakhan
  • Chris “Slenderman” Charles
  • Nico “Sparks” Elorde
  • Pairach “Sexy Teerak” Sekteera
    • “Teerak” means Honey/Lover in Thai.
  • Ratdech “JO” Kruatiwa
  • Steven “Demon” Thomas
  • Steven “Stank Face” Thomas


  • Tyler “Lambo” Lamb
  • Sukdave “Swaggy Snoopz” Ghogar
  • Kannut “Fireball” Samerjai
    • This one is purely because Samerjai once played in a movie about combat basketball called “Fireball”. It’s exactly what you would expect if Bill Laimbeer directed a basketball movie. If you can’t tell who Samerjai is on this poster, that’s completely your loss.


Did I miss anyone? Do you have any suggestions?

Feel free to make your suggestions and happy holidays!


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