TBF Draft 2015: Sixth Man

Do you know how important the Sixth Man is? The NBA has an award for it. Do they have an award for the First, Second, Third, Fourth, or even Fifth Man of the Year? No. They have a Sixth Man of the Year award, and that’s because they are really important.

Before we get to the Sixth man of each team, let me list a run through of links so everyone can catch up:

Introduction of Team Owners
Team Introduction & Rules
First Round Selections
Second Round Selections
Third Round Selections
Fourth Round Selections
Fifth Round Selection

สำหรับภาษาไทย อ่านต่อได้ที่นี่


The basketball scene in Thailand has silenced down a bit with the Basketball Thailand Super League (BTSL) closing down and the Thailand Basketball League (TBL) nowhere in sight. True, the National Team is preparing for the SEA Games, but there has been no wind of any juicy exhibition matches…yet.

So where else to turn for your dose of basketball other than Thailand’s One and Only Fantasy Draft! Here we return with the TBF 2015 Draft and here are the Sixth Round Picks.

The “Mahasarakham Bloody Buffaloes” are on the clock and will be announcing their pick now.

With the 21st Overall pick of the 2015 TBF Draft, the Mahasarakham Bloody Buffaloes select…


“Palm” Patipan Klahan, Center of Hitech

TK: I went back and forth with this pick with another young center because I had to reinforce my inside presence in a hurry. This is a decision that I made with a heavy heart, but I must say it is one I will not regret. Palm fits the mold of being capable of playing many positions and he showed a nice scoring touch in the TBL but sat down the BTSL with an injury. He’s not the most ideal “inside” guy, but he’s a good fit in the concept I’ve started.”
KONG: I had him in my 8th slot. No harm done.
KUK: Nope. Still safe. *Waits nervously*

While playing for Thai General Equipment in the TBL2014, Patipan Klahan shot a TrueShooting% at 55%, which among players who are considered “Inside Players” would be considered second to only Chanachon Klahan. From what I know, both are not directly related which is kind of a huge let down. His 2P percentage was a nice and steady 52.3% but his marksmanship and offensive value lies a lot on his free-throw shooting. Among “Inside Players” again, Palm ranked second in Free Throw Shooting Percentage (71.1%) again behind only Chanachon Klahan. Again.

His 13.75% rebounding percentage in the BTSL International Round (which is all we have advanced stats for) could truly be a better rebounder but his length, hops, and youth makes things promising. He is capable of hitting that three point shot as his 26.7% three-point shooting in the TBL suggests, but sometimes he seems a bit too addicted to the long range bomb.

He’s a tall player with athleticism and upside, but is he really the answer to the Bloody Buffs inside woes?

“Thung Kru Team” are on the clock and will be announcing their pick now.

With the 22nd Overall pick of the 2015 TBF Draft, Thung Kru Team select…


“Bas” Montein Wongsawangtham, Forward of Hi-Tech

KONG: Sukdave Ghogar, Bandit Lakhan, and Montein Wongsawangtham have been playing together for almost a decade dating back to their Satriwittaya 2 (High School) Days. This pick is completion of the combo. These guys know each other like the back of their hands.
If we go up against a small ball team, I can rest “Yak” Chaiwat Kaedum and play a quick line up of Montien, Bandit, Wattan Suttisin, Attaporn Lertmalaiporn, and Sukdave Ghogar. That team will run with anyone. And Bas can make his threes as well.
TK: I kind of had the idea you’d be making this pick. His shot has regressed a bit lately, but his open court running is always going to be dangerous.
KONG: That’s another shooter gone, Kuk. LOL
KUK: I’ve made it past you picking Pete. I’ll live through this one. *Sobs*
TK: Well, if you’re going for a shooter…I think I know who’s on your list.
KONG: The trio of Dave, Pete, and Bas will be like Manchester United’s Class of ’92. 6 years ago in 2009, these three won the U18 Championship, U20 Championship, Third Division Championship, and Second Division Championship. Sadly, Dave was the only one of the trio who was promoted to the First Team of Hi-Tech that year.

Montien’s Past year has been a curious one. He started out on fire for Thai General Equipment in TBL2014 averaging 12.80 points per game on 51% TrueShooting and a decent 34% from three-point range. He rebounded pretty well for a guard, hovering around 2 per game, but his strong suit was his three-point shooting. He finished out TBL2014 with Chonburi Hi-Tech and his numbers dropped because he received a lesser role. Still 7.50 points per game and 28% three-point shooting is nothing to laugh about. His 3.70 points in 12.7 minutes per game in the ABL for Hi-Tech wasn’t that bad as well but an eFG of 41% signed a drop in his game.

By the time the BTSL started it seemed like Bas had been slowly dropping out of the rotation and by the end of BTSL, he faded away completely.

Still we’re talking about a 25 year old player who averaged 12.8 points per game (which led the TBL Locals, depending on how you define significant) no longer than a year ago. All he needs is another chance. We all need a second chance every once in a while.

“Khon Kaen Rad Complex” are on the clock and will be announcing their pick soon.

(Would it be a round of TBF Drafting if Dan wasn’t late for his pick?)

KONG: He’s opening his stats for sure. I know it.
TK: He must have like a super computer running through all the numbers and calculating who is the perfect pick for him next. CHEATER.
Or maybe he’s just throwing dart onto a wall full of pictures of players blindfolded.
DAN: I choose Pairach Sekteera!
KONG: Well…this is interesing.
KUK: That was my 17th Overall pick in the 4th Round.
TK: …right before you stole Teerawat Jantajon out of my hands…

With the 23rd Overall pick of the 2015 TBF Draft, the Khon Kaen Rad Complex select…


“Shopper” Jittaphon Towaeroj, Forward of Mono Vampires

DAN: Oops. My bad. I choose “Shopper” Jittaphon Towaeroj, the shooter out of Srinakarinwiroj University then. Up and coming star who’s a sneaker and footbal fanatic.
TK: Anddddd another shooter is off the board.
DAN: Just adding more to my run and gun collection.

Of players who played a significant amount of games and shot a significant amount of shots in TBL2014, only one person shot at a better clip than “Shopper” Jittaphon Towaeroj (but I won’t tell you who yet). Shopper led the TBL2104 in three-point shots made (47) and three-point shots attempted (127) for a 37.0% three-point shooting percentage.


One might wonder if he is a one trick pony though and maybe that’s why he dropped down as low as 23rd in this draft. He shot only 31% in the two-point range which is something that he dearly needs to improve. But he can REALLY shoot threes and he showed again in the BTSL International Round when he burned the field shooting 51.85% from 27 three-point shots.

Shopper might be a one-trick pony but when that trick is firing deadly lasers out of it’s mouth, that is still one valuable pony.

The “Phuket Krakens” are on the clock and will be announcing their pick soon.

KONG: Dan, trade “Reuben” Wuttipong Dasom for Kuk’s “Chanachon Klahan. Reuben is homegrown southerner (where Phuket is located) and Singh is a homegrown Northeastern Kid (where Khonkaen is located).
DAN: Reuben is untouchable. His sister is kinda cute, too.
TK: So this isn’t a pure basketball decision, now is it?
KUK: I have a feeling that the only player Dan will want in return is “Arm”.
TK: Dan, do you want to trade “Big” Teerawat Jantajon for “So” Sorot Sunthonsiri? You like speedsters, I need a big. Seems fair, doesn’t it?
DAN: Kuk, you know to much.
TK: Wait, are you seriously ignoring me?
DAN: (Silence).

With the 24th Overall pick of the 2015 TBF Draft, the Phuket Krakens select…


“Oh” Todsapith Langsui, Forward of the PEA

KUK: With the choices left on the table, I’m going to have to separate the Langsui Brothers (13th Overall Pick, Anucha Langsui) and take Big Brother Langsui. He’s long and can score even though he might not be as well known as the other players. But he really can score and can live up to his nickname sake (Mari-Oh) but racking up coins. That was really lame.
TK: Goddammit. I was dreaming of pairing up the brothers together.

Oh is a player in a sort of Pairach Sekteera (17th Overall Pick) mold. He’s can do a lot of things, but doesn’t really excel in any particular thing. He can definitely score. He scored 10.25 points per game in the TBL2014 as the face of the franchise for PEA.

The question lies on his efficiency. His TrueShooting% was only 38%. While he did shoot an above average 30.3% from three-points, he struggled a lot closer to the basket. He shot only 25.8% in two point range, which lies quite below average.

But then again, maybe it isn’t fair for a guy whose skill set seems to be ready to be more of a facilitator than to be the main scoring option. Maybe if we get a chance to be able to see Oh be the guys who has a solid scoring option beside him, we might be able to see him flourish a lot more.

Sixth Round of the TBF Draft 2015

With the 5 picks of each team already set, the sixth pick is a bit more interesting. The past five picks most teams were set at looking to fill in the 5 traditional positions on the court. This pick, teams have more flexibility factored into their decision. In a way, it was like starting over again.

The Bloody Buffaloes had to clog up the paint and they got a young inside player in “Palm” Patipan Klahan who more or less fits their concept of multi-positional players. He might not be a true big guy and the inside void is still there, but he gives them another piece to mix and match continuously with.

Thung Kru Team builds up even more on their chemistry going with “Bas” Montien Wongsawangtham, a guy who has played alongside two of their previous picks for the last decade. In Bas, they also get a guy who can start, come off the bench for quick points, or completely change the tempo of their game if they wanted to.

Adding a sharpshooter like “Shopper” Jittaphon Towaeroj to Khon Kaen Rad Complex gives them a great tempo changer. Play him alongside Nagorn Jaisanook and you have two guys who can gun it. Pair him up with Reuben and you have to choose on the fastbreak between stopping Reuben or rushing out to stop Shopper’s trailerbreak three-point shot.

Shooting is still something that the Krakens needed to add and they got a heavy volume shooter with “Oh” Todsapith Langsui. His efficiency is in question, but putting him in a well-balanced team instead of one that relies a lot on him offensively might change his game.

Here’s the summary of this round’s picks.

21st Overall Pick, 6th Round: Patipan Klahan, Mahasarakham Bloody Buffaloes
22nd Overall Pick, 6th Round: Montien Wongsawangtham, Thung Kru Team
23rd Overall Pick, 6th Round: Jittaphon Towaeroj, Khon Kaen Rad Complex
24th Overall Pick, 6th Round: Todsapith Langsui, Phuket Krakens


Here is a summary of the previous picks.

1st Overall Pick, 1st Round: Nattakarn Meungboon, Phuket Krakens
2nd Overall Pick, 1st Round: Wuttipong Dason, Khon Kaen Rad Complex
3rd Overall Pick, 1st Round: Sukdave Ghogar, Thung Kru Team
4th Overall Pick, 1st Round: Kannut Samerjai, Mahasarakham Bloody Buffaloes
5th Overall Pick, 2nd Round: Ratdech Kruatiwa, Mahasarakham Bloody Buffaloes
6th Overall Pick, 2nd Round: Chaiwat Kaedum, Thung Kru Team
7th Overall Pick, 2nd Round: Kannawat Lertlaokul, Khon Kaen Rad Complex
8th Overall Pick, 2nd Round: Christian Boddin, Phuket Krakens
9th Overall Pick, 3rd Round: Chanachon Klahan, Phuket Krakens
10th Overall Pick, 3rd Round: Danai Kongkum, Khon Kaen Rad Complex
11th Overall Pick, 3rd Round: Wattana Suttisin, Thung Kru Team
12th Overall Pick, 3rd Round: Panurat Chatsiriyingyong, Mahasarakham Bloody Buffaloes
13th Overall Pick, 4th Round: Anucha Langsui, Mahasarakham Bloody Buffaloes
14th Overall Pick, 4th Round: Attaporn Lertmalaiporn, Thung Kru Team
15th Overall Pick, 4th Round: Nakorn Jaisanook, Khon Kaen Rad Complex
16th Overall Pick, 4th Round: Darongphun Apriromwilaichai, Phuket Krakens
17th Overall Pick, 5th Round: Pairach Sekteera, Phuket Krakens
18th Overall Pick, 5th Round: Teerawat Jantajon, Khon Kaen Rad Complex
19th Overall Pick, 5th Round: Bandit Lakhan, Thung Kru Team
20th Overall Pick, 5th Round: Sorot Sunthornsiri, Mahasarakham Bloody Buffaloes






Feel free to share your thoughts.
Does every pick deserve their position?
Who would you have drafted in which slot?
Who do you feel were a bit of a reach?
Share your ideas in the comments section below or at our Facebook page.

Stay tuned for the Seventh Round. The Phuket Krakens are on the clock….

For the Full story, here are is the complete index:

Owner Introduction
Team Introduction & Rules
First Round
Second Round
Third Round
Fourth Round
Fifth Round
Sixth Round


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