TBF Draft 2015: Starting Five

It takes five players on each team to play a fully functional competitive basketball game. Five Rounds into the Thailand Basketball Fantasy Draft, and here we are.

It’s been almost two weeks since the Fourth Round of the Thailand Basketball Fantasy Draft 2015. I hope the readers haven’t already forgotten already what this is all about. In case you have, here are the links for a fresh reminder of what has been going on:

Introduction of Team Owners
Team Introduction & Rules
First Round Selections
Second Round Selections
Third Round Selections
Fourth Round Selections

สำหรับภาษาไทย ตามไปอ่านที่นี่ ได้เลยครับ

We got derailed a bit for the update of the TBF 2015 with articles on the NBA Draft Lottery and the SEA Games Preview, but nothing to fear, because we are back with the selections of the fifth round!

I’d make some kind of introduction paragraph, but I think we’ve waited long enough for this. Here we go!

The “Phuket Krakens” are on the clock and will be announcing their pick now.

With the 17th Overall pick of the 2015 TBF Draft, the Phuket Krakens select…


“Van” Pairach Sekteera, Forward of the Mono Vampires

KUK: Another talent with a charming face, I choose Thailand’s Keanu Reeves! Van can shoot, he can slash, he can jump, he can rebound. He can score from inside and outside. In terms of marketability, there aren’t many more marketable than Van out there. A line up of “Palm” Darongphun, “Tian” Christian, “Singh” Chanachon, and “Van” could get this team mixed up with a boy band.
TK: That was a bit unexpected. The twins are separated!
KONK: Seems like Kuk doesn’t like shooting that much. Are you just going to just slash into every defense you see?
KUK: Well, you guys took all the shooters already. Actually, their one left…but he’s not at the same level yet.
KONK: I’m just scared that Dan will take my prospect right in front of my pick.
TK: Me, too. And there’s still have two picks until my turn.

Van is just one of those Jack of all Trades kind of guy. If you ask me what he does best, you can’t really just figure out which to choose because he does a lot well while not exactly excelling in any certain field. According to stats from the TBL2014, he his 49% TrueShooting Percentage is quite above average, but not eye popping. His 26.7% form three-point line is impressive, but not exactly what you call a sharpshooter. 71.8% FT shooting. 8 points/game. 1.2 assists/game. 2.67 rebounds/game. All really good stats, but not anything great. He’s the perfect player to place aside the clearcut star of a team as is his role on the Vampires.

“Khon Kaen Rad Complex” are on the clock and will be announcing their pick now.

With the 18th Overall pick of the 2015 TBF Draft, the Khon Kaen Rad Complex select…


“Big” Teerwat Jantajon, Forward of Thewphaingarm

(Dan is once again late for his picks and the other owners are left waiting)

KONK: Come on Dan! Are you done balling yet?
TK: Dan selects…HIMSELF to be player/coach/owner of Khonkaen Rad Complex.

(Dan Finally Arrives)

DAN: Sorry guys, I completely forgot. I need a center. Let me check up the stats for a bit.
TK: Wait. You have stats? (At the time, the BTSL was in full steam and spectators didn’t have access to the stats for each game yet, which the league addressed in the later stages of the league)
DAN: Solid Interior play. Good Rebounding. And he played with Derrick Rose in the D.Rose 3-on-3 Tournament in the Philippines. I chose “Big” Teerawat Jantajon.
TK: Damn that hurts.
KONK: I knew you were a pedophile.
TK: I was kind of shocked at how far he fell and how blessed it seemed that he was going to fall into my laps because I knew Konk wouldn’t get him. That’s just cold, Dan.
KUK: Hehe. I have no problem with this pick. My plans are fine. But wait…why do you have stats!!!
TK: Cheater!

Teerawat is the  youngest player drafted at this point at a ripe age of 20 years old and he could have gone much higher for a very good reason. He is one of the best inside players that Thailand has to offer. He’s a good scorer when needed (averaged about 11 points/game between two teams in the TBL2014 and 13.5 points/game for Nakhon Pathom Madgoats in the Melaca International Basketball Competition). He’s a capable rebounder (averaged 6.5 rebounds in the MIBC and 5.89 in TBL2014). He has good work ethic for his body and he has great athleticism to expose of. The downside is that he sometimes leans on that athleticism a bit too much than he should, sometimes forgetting to box out. His defense comes and goes. Sometimes he plays too straight up and needs to learn to take advantage of his opponents more often.

With all of that said, what he has already accomplished is very impressive for a 20-year-old kid already. If he can polish his offensive game and defensive game further on and will be an anchor point for the interior play of Thailand.

Dan has compiled a nice sense of youth in his Khon Kaen Rad Complex team. Nakorn (23), Wuttipong (24), and Teerawat (20)  are the core scorers of this team with Kannawat and Danai serving as the veteran supporters of this group. If this Fantasy Draft were to actually take place, Khon Kaen would seem to be like the team with the most future potential out of the entire group.

“Thung Kru Team” are on the clock and will be announcing their pick now.

With the 19th Overall pick of the 2015 TBF Draft, Thung Kru Team select…


“Pete” Bandit Lakhan, Guard of Hi-Tech

KONK: The 9th gear point guard who seems to never get tired. Great defender who can orchestrate an offense. He also has a knack of scoring in the clutch. If I need a more fast tempo game, I can switch him to the 2 position as well.
TK: Don’t look at me, I’m still bummed about losing another guy to Dan again.

Pete is a 23-year-old up and coming point guard. He’s been stuck behind in the point guard rotation for Hi-tech for a while but as of recently he has been having some quite solid and head-turning performances. His past stats references aren’t spectacular. 5.29 points/game, 2.24 assists/game, 1.24 rebounds/game in the TBL2014 is pretty okay (though his 43% TrueShooting Percentage could be better). In the ABL he played limited minutes (8.9 per game) but managed to put out 1.89 points/game (8.37 points/40 minutes) in a more scoring guard role.

Pete has a very solid mid range game and he’s quick. All he needs is to clean up his shot selection and he’ll push himself into the conversation of Thailand’s best point guards.

The “Mahasarakham Bloody Buffaloes” are on the clock and will be announcing their pick now.

With the 20th Overall pick of the 2015 TBF Draft, the Mahasarakham Bloody Buffaloes select…


“So” Sorot Sunthornsiri, Guard of Mono Vampires

TK We’ve been through 20 picks and I can’t believe this guy is still on the boards. Let’s look at his TBL Stats:
– 12.25 points/game, marking the highest in the league for a local who played at least 10 games for a single team.
– 4.69 assists/game, marking the highest overall in the TBL
– 1.95 steals/game, marking the second highest in the TBL, trailing Kannut Samerjai, who was drafted earlier by this same team in the first round.
I just couldn’t let someone with the degree of the MVP of the TBL drop down any lower than this pick. I know I need to solidify my inside presence, but as of this point, it’s about picking the Best Talent Available and just winging it.
KONK: Well, you have two consecutive picks. Of course you can do something like this.
TK: I guess you are correct there. LOL
KONK: But wait…how come you have stats? CHEATER!
TK: I just grabbed them off the TBL website. Should have got hold on these earlier.

Strangely, It’s surprising and understandable how Sorot has dropped all the way down to the 20th pick even after having one of the more memorable seasons for a 22-year-old. It is surprising how a league MVP who topped almost all statistical category which his position should be accounted for, was barely picked in 5 rounds.

But then again, the point guard position is one that is quite unique and barely interchangable with the other 4 positions on the court. The Krakens got their lead guard with the very first pick, Nattakarn Meungboon. The Bloody Buffs got their lead guard with Kannut Samerjai (4th Pick). Rad Complex got their lead guard later at 7th, Kannawat Lertlaokul. After that i was just a pile of wings and a couple of inside players selected. Sorot didn’t drop this low because anything else other than the fact that the team needs in which he can respond to were mostly answered already.

But the value of the pick here at 20th for the Bloody Buffs can be potentially high. Sorot will be paired with Kannut and will either play side by side or backing Kannut up. The perimeter play is going to be lethal for the Bloody Buffs…but what are they going to do about their inside game?

Fifth Round of the TBF Draft 2015

“Kuk” Onvisa Thewphaingarm’s Phuket Krakens have a muscular inside duo of Christian Boddin-Chanachon Klahan, led by Nattakarn Meungboon, and winged by torpedo-heads Darongphun Apiromwilaichai and Pairach Sekteera. The perimeter players at hand make sure that if you give them a gap, they will penetrate with ease. The problem? Who will be their shooter when they need to spread the zone out?

The Khon Kaen Rad Complex were supported with money (personally funded) and complete statistics at the time of the draft. They started of drafting a speed team with Wuttipong Dasom-Kannawat lertlaokul-Danai Khongkum. Adding a shooter like Nakorn Jaisanook and a big guy like Teerawat Jantajon later on still stays in concept, but gives them more versatility in the open court. But when the game halts to a half court game, who will be their Go-To Guy?

The team out of Thung Kru has built an instant noodles team that doesn’t need much time to adapt to each other out of familiarity. The twin towers of Sukdave Ghogar and Chaiwat Gaedum will make it hard to score inside for opposing teams. Add in a scoring machine, Wattana Suttisin, and two solid supporting players, Attaporn Lertmalaiporn & Bandit Lakhan, and you get a nicely well-rounded team with little weaknesses to expose.

The Mahasarakham Bloody Buffaloes are building a unique team to say the least. The three starting trio of Kannut Samerjai-Ratdech Kruatiwa-Panurat Chatsiriyingyong are going to be deadly on offense. Injecting youth with Anucha Langsui and Sorot Sunthornsiri and you have one hell of an offensive powerhouse here that is capable of switching positions at anytime. This team has the biggest question to answer out of all the teams left though: What are they going to do with the inside defense?

Here’s the summary of this round’s picks.

17th Overall Pick, 5th Round: Pairach Sekteera, Phuket Krakens
18th Overall Pick, 5th Round: Teerawat Jantajon, Khon Kaen Rad Complex
19th Overall Pick, 5th Round: Bandit Lakhan, Thung Kru Team
20th Overall Pick, 5th Round: Sorot Sunthornsiri, Mahasarakham Bloody Buffaloes


Here is a summary of the previous picks.

1st Overall Pick, 1st Round: Nattakarn Meungboon, Phuket Krakens
2nd Overall Pick, 1st Round: Wuttipong Dason, Khon Kaen Rad Complex
3rd Overall Pick, 1st Round: Sukdave Ghogar, Thung Kru Team
4th Overall Pick, 1st Round: Kannut Samerjai, Mahasarakham Bloody Buffaloes
5th Overall Pick, 2nd Round: Ratdech Kruatiwa, Mahasarakham Bloody Buffaloes
6th Overall Pick, 2nd Round: Chaiwat Kaedum, Thung Kru Team
7th Overall Pick, 2nd Round: Kannawat Lertlaokul, Khon Kaen Rad Complex
8th Overall Pick, 2nd Round: Christian Boddin, Phuket Krakens
9th Overall Pick, 3rd Round: Chanachon Klahan, Phuket Krakens
10th Overall Pick, 3rd Round: Danai Kongkum, Khon Kaen Rad Complex
11th Overall Pick, 3rd Round: Wattana Suttisin, Thung Kru Team
12th Overall Pick, 3rd Round: Panurat Chatsiriyingyong, Mahasarakham Bloody Buffaloes
13th Overall Pick, 4th Round: Anucha Langsui, Mahasarakham Bloody Buffaloes
14th Overall Pick, 4th Round: Attaporn Lertmalaiporn, Thung Kru Team
15th Overall Pick, 4th Round: Nakorn Jaisanook, Khon Kaen Rad Complex
16th Overall Pick, 4th Round: Darongphun Apriromwilaichai, Phuket Krakens





Feel free to share your thoughts.
Does every pick deserve their position?
Who would you have drafted in which slot?
Who do you feel were a bit of a reach?
Share your ideas in the comments section below or at our Facebook page.

Stay tuned for the Sixth Round. The Mahasarakham Bloody Buffaloes are on the clock….

For the Full story, here are is the complete index:

Owner Introduction
Team Introduction & Rules
First Round
Second Round
Third Round
Fourth Round
Fifth Round


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