TBF Draft 2015: Fantastic Four

After releasing our comparison of Thailand Basketball with the Avengers, let’s keep the superhero theme going into our TBF Draft 2015. Headed into the Fourth Round of the draft, here are the Fantastic 4!

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สำหรับภาษาไทย ตามไปอ่านที่นี่ ได้เลยครับ

In the last installment of the TBF Draft 2015, we completed out third round. This means that each team now has three players, which is enough for competitive play. But for them to be able to practice competitively, you have to have 4 players to be able to at least play 2 on 2. Practice makes perfect.

But first, let’s check out with each team and there starting trio.

T&D: Are you guys satisfied with your picks?
KUK: NO! Still can’t get over Dan stealing “Reuben” Wuttipong Dasom from me. But then again, I know TK has had a harder time missing out on “Arm” Nattakarn Meungboon. So I guess that even’s it out.
KONK: I guess missing out on “Arm”, “Reuben” and “Bas” Kannut Samerjai was a pretty hard blow.
TK: I’m still bitter about the first pick, but I guess that I’m okay with the team I have now. “Bas” is as good of a point guard as “Arm” is and the rest of my picks are still according to plan.
TK: It’s a small ball world now. LOL
DAN: Muahahahahaha. I’m fine.

T&D: The trade machine is still a bit quiet. Is anyone looking to make some trades?
KONK: I’m going to follow my destiny. No trades please.
TK: Is that a trade request I hear?
KUK: If JO and Art decides to be on fire on the same day, I pity the defense.
TK: But on the other hand, If they decide to shoot blanks….
T&D: That wraps it up. It seems like each team is going to stay put with their picks. Let’s move on to the fourth round.

So here is the Fourth Round of the TBF Draft 2015, and these are your Fantastic Fourths for each team of your TBF Draft 2015.

With the 13th Overall pick of the 2015 TBF Draft, the Mahasarakham Bloody Buffaloes select…


“Toom” Anucha Lansui, Forward of PEA 

T&D: That’s the first player out of the PEA family. Elaborate your decision a bit here for us.
TK: Continuing my trend of picking long, rangy, and versatile forwards here, put him with Art and JO and you have a trio that can switch between the 2-3-4 position easily without a hitch. I’m trying to build a team that has the least definite positions as possible.

I personally feel that Toom is still very underrated. We’re talking about a forward who is around 2 meters tall with the fluidity of a shooting guard. Toom has shooting range as he finished among the top 5 in three-pointers made per game in the TBL2014 (along with Buffalo team mates, Art and JO). Interestingly, he made and attempted the exact same amount of three-pointers as “Art” Panurat (27 and 89, respectively) to shoot for 30.3%. In the BTSL games that he has played, he has shown that he can penetrate off the dribble to get closer to the rim and he has shown that he has explosiveness once he gets there. However, he is still young and sometimes those drives end up in turnovers or bad mid range jump shots instead. His scoring average of 9.45 is not too shabby, but it’s weighed heavily on his three-point shots as he is only hitting 25.8% of shots inside the three-point line which is 4th worst among players who took 20 or more shots in that area.

He turned the ball over 1.64 times per game, which is not that bad of a number at first sight. But then you remember that he is a shooter and not a primary ball handler for the team, and the numbers look a bit bad.

His defensive numbers could also be a bit better for someone his size as well.

It’s pretty clear that he has his strength’s (shooting, versatility, physical gifts) and his flaws (shot selection, turnovers, defense), but should I have to remind you that he is only 21 years old and will only improve from here on. Team him up with seasoned vet shooters and that could get scary once he figures things out.

“Thung Kru Team” are on the clock and will be announcing their pick now.

With the 14th Overall pick of the 2015 TBF Draft, Thung Kru Team select…


“Nop” Attaporn Lertmalaiporn, Forward of Hi-Tech

KONK: I had someone else on my mind, but if I don’t pick Nop here, I don’t think he’ll still be there for my next pick. This is more of a personal pick for me as he used to drive me back home after practices. He is the ultimate comedian so teaming him with “Yak” Chaiwat Kaedum and “Kanu” Wattana Suttisin and not only do I have a legit basketball team, I have a formidable stand up comedy act.
T&D: Seems like you have a certainly fetish for the funny bone in your team selection.
KONK: I missed out on Reuben and Nop is the closest player to Reuben at this point in terms of being able to play inside and outside. And he’s also a solid veteran. This is a player who was once the biggest superstar in Thailand. How could I not make this pick?
TK: I was thinking of picking him for a while there, but I already had a veteran in JO and I needed more youth on my wings with the style of play I had on my mind. But now that he’s actually off the boards, I feel kind of sad.

Nop is already 32, so he’s already on the veteran side of his career. Knee injuries have taken quite a blow out of his game, but he still has the potential to be a game changer at any given moment. You don’t have to look any further than the last ABL season. He might have scored only 3.53 points per game (which is still 11.94 points per 40 minutes) but ask anyone who watched the ABL, especially the KL Dragons, and they’ll tell you how big of a role he played. He came back from a long rest in the season opener and bombed away 15 points to give Hi-Tech the win and in the season closer Game 2 of the Finals, he hit a HUGE 3 point shot that swung the game to Hi-Tech’s way, eventually winning them the game and the ABL Title. He might have lost a step penetrating to the hoop, but he is still very long and crafty enough to get in close and be able to dish it off.

But he is still 32 years old already and has a surgically repaired knee. He is sometimes caught a step slow on defense, even if he can use his length to cover sometimes. He might be crafty at getting to the rim, but that it seems sometimes he’s still trying to force something he might once been able to do, causing a high amount of turnovers as well.

Above all, his contribution in the locker room as a glue guy is very valuable. Teaming him up with “Kanu” and “Yak” also reunites the Korat Province team which has been one of the best Province teams in recent history.

The “Khon Kaen Rad Complex” are on the clock and will be announcing their pick now.

With the 15th Overall pick of the 2015 TBF Draft, the Khon Kaen Rad Complex select…


“Rang” Nakorn Jaisanook, Forward of Hi-Tech

DAN: The three-point marksman out of Srinakarinwirot University complete with the looks and the charms.
TK: At this point, I think everyone is set with their team directions and our picks probably are less likely to intervene each other plans. I have enough three-point shooters at this point…just don’t steal my big man.
KONK: It seems like Dan and TK are going go full out small ball against each other.
TK: I might lose it out in the open court, but if I can stop them into a halfcourt game…muahahaha.

Another long and rangy three-point shooter; the third consecutive pick of such a type of player in this round (4 if you are including the third round as well). Rang was one of the best scorers on a loaded Chonburi Hi-Tech team in the TBL2014 when he averaged 10.5 points per game, good for 3rd among locals on the team. He could score from outside, rounding out as 3rd in three-point shot made per game at 2.36 while shooting 34.7% (also third among players who attempted more than 50 three-point shots). He’s capable of making good passes and handled himself okay on defense.

But he’s a really streaky shooter. After his performance in the TBL, he looked primed to breakout in the ABL. He actually did quite well (he carried Hi-Tech over the winless Laskar Dreya in a game) but lost his role when mid-season acquisition, Patrick Cabahug, joined the team.

He’s been gaining his confidence back again and has had a couple of strong showings in the BTSL, but he’s still been the butt of Steve Thomas’ jokes about not having the balls to finish on the fastbreak.

Already having “Sun” Kannawat blitzing the break along with “Reuben: Wuttipong Dasom and “Nai” Danai Kongkum flanking on the wings, adding Nakorn as a secondary break three-point shooter is just going to be lethal.

The “Phuket Krakens” are on the clock and will be announcing their pick now.

With the 16th Overall pick of the 2015 TBF Draft, the Phuket Krakens select…


“Palm” Darongphun Apiromwilaichai, Forward of the Nakhon Pathom Madgoats

KUK: I chose this strong forward who has slipped through almost 4 rounds of drafting. This is a forward who plays smart and aggressive. He should be considered to possess one of the highest techniques as a forward in the country right now. Combine that with a chiseled body which has passed vigorous weight training and fitness training and you get one of the most complete forwards in the draft.
TK: It is quite shocking that a player of his caliber has slipped this far, but he’s doesn’t fit my planned playing schemes and I just had to let him slide. But he is one hell of an aggressive and smart penetrating forward.
KONK: Well, that’s a huge bummer.
KUK: I shutdown another project of yours, didn’t I?
KONK: I was going to pair him up with “Kanu” and create the most lethal penetrating forward combos ever. Meh, but you have two consecutive picks. Is this going to be a combo deal for the Magic Twins?

Wow. How did he slip down this far? Of all players in the TBL2014 who attempted at least 40 shots, Palm topped everyone (including imports) in TrueShooting% at 62%. He’s not the best three-point shooter as he shot 1 of 7 from that range, but he knows that and he knows that the team doesn’t need him to be. He’s an awesome finisher around the rim, shooting at 59.4% in the two-point range (2nd among ALL players who attempted at least 20 shots). His 81.1% Free throw shooting is 3rd among All players who had attempted at least 10 free throw shots. He’s currently at the twilight of his physical peak and is using it brilliantly to draw fouls and get efficient points going for 10.45 points per game. It’s like he’s this bizarre James Harden without all the beard and three-point shooting. His 2.64 assists per game and 2.27 rebounds per game rounds up his all-around game quite well.

He does foul a lot for his status as being a lead scorer, however, as his aggressive style of defense might put him into foul trouble if he isn’t careful. His lack of willingness to shoot the three-point shot will cause opponents to drift away from him causing his drives to be less effective, so surrounding him with the right players to compliment his game is crucial.

With a pass first point guard like “Arm” and a good passing inside player like “Singha” Chanachon Klahan, Palm will find life a lot easier to operate his slashing game.

Fourth Round of the TBF Draft 2015

The Bloody Buffaloes continue to build their team around long, interchangeable, three-point shooters by adding “Toom” Anucha Langsui into the mix. Though Art, JO, and Toom are all capable of playing inside every now and then, the inside presence for this team still remains to be answered. At this point you are just wondering, if they are going to answer it at all.
Thungkru Team continues to build their team around familiarity and chemistry with a face familiar with the players and the owner with Attaporn. It was clear from the start and it is still clear now. If these mock teams were to actually take shape, Thungkru Team would have no problem whatsoever with initial chemistry issues.
Khonkaen Rad Complex slowed down a bit from their fast paced team and added a shooter in Nakorn Jaisanook. While he may not add speed to the team, he sure does make a scary trailer break option.
The Krakens add one of the most talented players in the talent pool that has slipped further than he should have with one half of the Magic Twins, Darongphun. He should now add a much-needed scoring punch for the Krakens which have drafted awesome role players up to this point.

Here’s the summary of this round’s picks.

13th Overall Pick, 4th Round: Anucha Langsui, Mahasarakham Bloody Buffaloes
14th Overall Pick, 4th Round: Attaporn Lertmalaiporn, Thung Kru Team
15th Overall Pick, 4th Round: Nakorn Jaisanook, Khon Kaen Rad Complex
16th Overall Pick, 4th Round: Darongphun Apriromwilaichai, Phuket Krakens


Here is a summary of the previous picks.

1st Overall Pick, 1st Round: Nattakarn Meungboon, Phuket Krakens
2nd Overall Pick, 1st Round: Wuttipong Dason, Khon Kaen Rad Complex
3rd Overall Pick, 1st Round: Sukdave Ghogar, Thung Kru Team
4th Overall Pick, 1st Round: Kannut Samerjai, Mahasarakham Bloody Buffaloes
5th Overall Pick, 2nd Round: Ratdech Kruatiwa, Mahasarakham Bloody Buffaloes
6th Overall Pick, 2nd Round: Chaiwat Kaedum, Thung Kru Team
7th Overall Pick, 2nd Round: Kannawat Lertlaokul, Khon Kaen Rad Complex
8th Overall Pick, 2nd Round: Christian Boddin, Phuket Krakens
9th Overall Pick, 3rd Round: Chanachon Klahan, Phuket Krakens
10th Overall Pick, 3rd Round: Danai Kongkum, Khon Kaen Rad Complex
11th Overall Pick, 3rd Round: Wattana Suttisin, Thung Kru Team
12th Overall Pick, 3rd Round: Panurat Chatsiriyingyong, Mahasarakham Bloody Buffaloes




Feel free to share your thoughts.
Does every pick deserve their position?
Who would you have drafted in which slot?
Who do you feel were a bit of a reach?
Share your ideas in the comments section below or at our Facebook page.

Stay tuned for the Fifth Round. The Phuket Krakens are on the clock….

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Owner Introduction
Team Introduction & Rules
First Round
Second Round
Third Round
Fourth Round


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