TBF Draft 2015: Get Acquainted

The generals to lead the war are set in place, all we need are the banners of the troops and the rules of battle!
That’s not actually how War works out, but this is all made up stuff: Who cares?

Read our Introduction of Team Owners first in case you missed it.
สำหรับภาษาไทย ตามไปอ่านที่นี่ ได้เลยครับ

In our last write up, we featured the selection of the owners for the Thailand Basketball Fantasy Draft and I feel like we did a pretty good job there.


The next problem was that we couldn’t just keep referring to the teams as Konk’s team or Kuk’s team. That would just be completely lame and the TBF doesn’t support lameness.
So I assigned homework to each of the teams owners to come up with a name and background story for their respective teams.
Here is the end result:

“Konk” Akepoch Santiwiriyanon, Owner of the “Thung Kru Team”


Home is where the heart is, but for Konk’s team, heart is also where the home is. Konk will be starting up his team close to home while raising up the team with a concept of being a family. Each player within the team will be expected to hold each other up and make each other better, as seen by the logo design. Everyone will be a part of an ecosystem which is designed for everyone to benefit off each other as represented by the green color of the logo.
Thung Kru Team will be a team that inspires the next generation of ballers from the grassroots in Thung Kru and, in the future, else where in country.

“Kuk” Onvisa Thewphaingarm, Owner of the “Phuket Krakens”


As a photographer, Kuk not only enjoys the excitement of basketball; she also is an admirer the beauty of Mother Nature.
Where else would you get to be in touch with the beauties of mother nature other than the beautiful island of Phuket? The idea of the team is to integrate the beauty of sport with the beauty of mother nature to attract people towards both at the same time.
The Kraken is a vicious monster and that is the picture that Kuk wants to be stuck in the heads of the opposing team. She wants an opponent to be feared of being wrapped around by those multiple arms until surrendering to defeat. Each player will be expected to work in harmony similarly to the arms of the Kraken to put the opponent into submission.

“Dan” Watcharin Jatuchai, Owner of the Khonkean Rad-Complex


As the most seasoned owners in our talent pool, Dan takes an approach towards this team owning like none other. The team name is based on a Pub he owns in the province of Khon kaen. This is a strategy used among Football teams and can be seen among basketball team in the Philippines. The name of the team will be used as an indirect marketing strategy for another brand that the owner is handling. You can all take a sneak peek at what the Pub is all about at the Facebook page @ Rad Pub .
Other than the indirect marketing ploy, the team name also represents the concept of the team being as fun and entertaining as the experience you’ll get at a night at the Rad Complex. Dan is a fun person and he hopes that he can build up a team that will be both fun and competitive at the same time.

“TK” Sajjatam Kulsomboon, Owner of the Mahasarakham Bloody Buffaloes


Mahasarakham might seem like a weird choice to locate a team, but the whole point of this whole fantasy thing is that the weirder it gets, the more fun it gets as well! As the hometown of his mother and where he spent a part of his childhood, TK looks to bring basketball back to his roots. It might be a small and slow start, but this is the sort of concept that the Bloody Buffaloes was to be known for. The concept is to try out new things and see if they work and that is the approach that the team will have on their head throughout the draft.
The Water Buffalo is an iconic animal of the North Eastern parts of Thailand where Mahasarakham is located, and for them to be bloody means that this team will mean business.
Seriously though, it’s just a really silly name for a team that no one would probably use in real life. And that’s why it just made perfect sense here.

And those are the imaginary teams that will be participating in this the 2015 Thailand Basketball Fantasy Draft!
It seems pretty clear that each team has their own different approach to building up their team and that is great, because if we had 4 teams with the same team-building concept, that would turn out to be pretty dull.


Now that we have the teams, we are almost ready to start the Draft!
But before we reach that part, I’ll run through the rules of the Draft so that everyone clearly understand what will be going on and how it will be going down:

  1. Because she is the lone female owner in this draft and because the rest of us are gentlemen, Kuk and the Phuket Krakens will be owning the first pick of the TBF2015 Draft.
  2. The following order will be Dan, Konk, and TK because we are Asians and seniority comes first.
  3. The draft will be following a serpentine style order, which means that the draft order will be reversed in the second round.
    For example, the pick will be like this:
    1st Round: Kuk >> Dan >> Konk >> TK
    2nd Round: TK >> Kong >> Dan >> Kuk
    3rd Round: Kuk >> Dan >> Konk >> TK
    and so on.This is to be fair with all of the owners so that the talent isn’t isolated on one team.
  4. Trades are fair play. Any team can propose a trade for a player they have drafted or an upcoming draft pick at all times.
  5. Teams will draft until the teams all have a complete roster of 8 players.

Pretty easy rules to understand, right?
So there you have it!
Everything is set!
The teams, the owners, and the rules are ready for the biggest event ever in Thailand Fantasy Basketball History!

What do you guys think?
Which team will you be rooting for?
Who should be drafted at which pick?

Kuk and the Phuket Krakens are on the Clock for the First Overall Pick of the Thailand Basketball Fantasy Draft.
Stay Tuned.

For the Full story, here are is the complete index:

Owner Introduction
Team Introduction & Rules
First Round


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