BTSL Preview: Continuity (Michael Fey, Nakhon Pathom Madgoats)

The 2014 Thailand Basketball League Finals MVP is back!

The BTSL is an acronym for Basketball Thailand Super League which is a league where the top five teams in Thailand go up head to head in in a double round robin season without playoffs to determine who is the best of the super teams in Thailand. The top 3 teams of the BTSL will then quality for the international round which will consist of 3 teams from Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines. Each team is limited to 1 import, and here we shall take a look at each one of those imports. 

Continuity is crucial to winning, especially winning continuously. That’s why the Nakhon Pathom Madgoats picking up their reigning TBL 2014 Finals MVP, Michael Fey, was a no-brainer. If they hadn’t picked him up (considering he was available), that would be like the San Antonio Spurs trading away Kawhi Leonard during the off-season after they won the NBA title last year.

Unrelated braggish photo of me taking a pic with the MVP.

Sure, the Madgoats would still have a very good team regardless of Fey. But with him, they are REALLY good.

The former UCLA Bruin Fey will look to continue an ongoing rivalry with Hi-Tech after playing against Hi-Tech both in the TBL AND the ABL, when he was picked up by the Indonesia Warriors and clashed with Hi-Tech immediately in his first game.

At some point, he’s got to ask “These guys again?”.

Fey was as huge a part of the Warriors as he was a part of the Madgoats, but couldn’t lead the Warriors to the playoffs despite averaging 18.29 points and 11.71 rebounds per game.

I was as shocked as everyone else on the signing day news.

Fey now rejoins the Madgoats for this tournament, who are fielding the exact same players on their roster from the Thailand Basketball League 2014 championship squad. Fey adds a nice touch of inside presence, while being able to hit it from midrange as well. His size as a 7-footer is always useful for grabbing up missed shots to continue the possession.

You can’t teach 7 feet.

However, Fey does lack a bit of a physical edge inside as he seems to stray away from contact. Luckily for the Madgoats, they have “The Immobile Giant” Chaiwat Kaedum to do the dirty work for him. Fey also leaves quite a lot to desire on defense and looks uninterested at times. Hiq shot selection is sometimesa bit frustrating also.

But then again, you might as well brush all of that aside, as this is the TBL 2014 Finals MVP and the TBL 2014 champs we are talking about. Look for a nice long run of wins from the Madgoats.

All photos used are taken by KukThew, except the photo of myself and Michael Fey. To enjoy more of her marverlous basketball picture, click here.


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