PBA Preview: The Biggest Prize (Peter John Ramos, KIA Sorento)

I remember first hearing the name Peter John Ramos on the day of the 2004 draft night. I had imagined him being a small, quick, point guard who came from Spain and rained 3 point shots all over town. I don’t know, the name just has that effect on me. The Real Peter John Ramos is not exactly like I imagined. Like a completely different person. Peter John Ramos is a 29 year old basketball player from Puerto Rico who was once drafted 32nd Overall in the 2004 NBA draft to the Washington Wizards.

Does R-Class stand for Ramos Class? Does he have a whole class dedicated to him? (Yes, that’s a joke. R is for Rookie)

Fun facts: Philippines neutralized player, Marcus Douthit, was also selected by the Lakers in with the 56th pick this year. 72098047 Peter John Ramos was also part of the Puerto Rico team that was the first team to beat a USA Basketball team since NBA players were allowed to play. Fun Fact: Renaldo Balkman was also Puerto Rican, and if you don’t know why that is a fun fact, maybe you should ask Arwind Santos.

Or just watch this GIF. Whichever is easier for you.

Peter John Ramos is also 7 fricking feet and three inches tall and he’s been a 7 footer since he was 14.

Do you know how many years it took me to be able to jump high enough to reach the net?

KIA Carnival signed Peter John Ramos to be their import for the upcoming Commissioner’s Cup. Being one of the bottom wrung teams in the recent Philippines Cup, KIA were given the opportunitiy to sign an import of unlimited height and they went full scale going for the Puerto Rican Giant. Ramos has been seen attending to the PBA Finals with KIA player/coach/boxer/professional wrestler Manny Pacqiuo. KIA is a new team having finished the last conference with a 1-11 record with their sole win against Blackwater Elite so they will probably need all the size and talent they can get. Having never watched a single KIA game, I cannot really say much, but the idea of adding a 7’3″ mobile behemoth to any squad should be a plus. What KIA needs to consider is that Ramos will be less capable to create his own shots than the other imports so they will need to find a way to get the ball to him. Ramos will be a huge upgrade on defense however. Even though his block percentage from the past might seem a bit low, his height and length will be sure to disrupt the inside shots for the opposing team. What KIA must be slightly concerned about is Ramos’ mindset. He might not be the same 19 year old that announced he would withdraw from the 2004 draft if he was going to be selected lower than 15th and left the venue when the first round draft concluded but even then, KIA management must prepare him for the type of physicality that he will be getting being a 7 footer in the PBA. This is a guy whose first sentence in his scouting report was “gets frustrated easily“.

This combo shows the moments when Puerto
In Ramos’ defense, I would try to kiss Yao Ming in a game if I had played with him, too.

Could be a home run. Could a be a miss. This is the type of move than new teams should make. Here is Peter John Ramos with his pet bulldog, just because.

Do you realize how big that dog could actually be judging from this picture?

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